An Exclusive JV Invitation to The Awakened Source Launch
June 28th - July 11th

Dear Friends, JV Partners and Affiliates,

I am crazily excited!

First, I would like to acknowledge you for all the support you've given me in my IM journey. Even though many people see this industry as isolated and independent work, I am grateful for what I had personally experienced - a community that supports the growth of fellow IMers and looks out for ways to add value to customers.

I know I would not have lasted this long without your constant encouragement and advice. So, here’s a big THANK YOU to you for participating in my growth, personally and professionally.

The growth of this industry has inspired me and I believe I'm on a mission to contribute more and add more value to the people I work with.

This led to the creation of “The Awakened Source”

Its launch is a breakthrough I am gunning for. I know it demands me to move out of my comfort zone and risk facing uncertainty. I fiercely believe that putting out this product and declaring its launch will add tremendous value to the partners and users. 

This is intensely personal as I want to move to the next phase of growth and challenge. 

I want to play to win. In fact, I want all of us to win in big ways as that defines our growth and the work that we put out to the world.

And I want you to participate surely, for two key reasons:

As a gesture of support to my personal commitment on growth in the work we do

Win together! There are commissions (up to $121 per sale) and prizes in place for you

The Awakened Source Sales Funnel

Front-End (75%)

The Awakened Source


OTO 1 (60%)

The Sacred Vision


OTO 2 (60%)

4-Week Ultimatum


Mark Your calendars!

Pre-Launch Dates: 28th June - 4th July 2016

Launch Dates: 5th July - 11th July 2016

Why should you join us?


Earn up to $121.00 In Commissions Per Sale

Receive 75% commission on our front-end and 60% on all our upsells. What you make, we make too!


$7000 In Cash Prizes For Both Leads and Sales Contests

Earn both commissions and an additional $7000 are up for grabs during the leads and sales contest period.


Incredible Value & Join Our Mission

The Awakened Source is NOT just any other products scattered across the market. With The Awakened Source, you’ll add value to your list by placing them in a space of positivity to attract a life of abundance, wealth and possibilities. This will kickstart them to create a life of your dreams, how to get from where they are now to where they wish to be, ie a fulfilled life and desired lifestyle.


FAST, No Hassle Payouts

Rest assured. Clickbank, one of the top digital products providers will ensure you get your commissions paid out within 2 weeks. It’s a promise.


Reciprocal Mailing

If you have a product that is a good fit for our self-improvement/law of attraction email list, we would be more than happy to reciprocate a promotion for you in the next 12 months.


$$ is Just ONE Click Away

From email swipe files, incredible free content to complete launch schedule, we’d do EVERYTHING to make your cross-promotion absolutely hassle-free! Simply get paid with attractive commissions cheques coming your way by clicking ‘Send’ on your email list.

The Hall of Appreciation & Confirmed Partners

There has been partners who greatly influenced and supported me relentlessly. My heartfelt thanks as you have once again, demonstrated your full support by participating in my launch based on the relationship that we had fostered through my IM journey.

Daniel bainbridge

“Always in the midst of etching the next prominent digital footprint in the IM space."

Alvin Huang

“A role model & leading pioneer in the PD industry who continues to transcend and break boundaries”

Khai Ng

“The Creator of Possibilities from the Abyss of Impossibilities”


“Whose permanent presence continuously reignites and strengthens my resolve”


“The catalyst of my success that catapulted me into a broad network of JV partners”


“The one that always got my back and value-adds in the most surprising and loving ways”


“A Daredevil in the guise of a Big Friendly Giant”


“An up-and-coming internet marketer who's fiercely driven by commitment, determination and sincerity”

Christopher Westra

“A veteran JV partner who never fails to guarantee a successful collaboration”

Nicolas Tan

“The most resourceful friend and JV partner who will undoubtedly be there for you”

Edmund Loh

“An aggressive go-getter and influential IM-er who knows no frontiers and dares to dream big together”


“A true gem and JV partner that guarantees promising and successful collaborations”

Carolyn Hansen

"Always steadfast in her value of over-delivering and grateful for her unwavering support"

Dr Joe Rubino

"The unexpected nudge that got me started in the PD space"

Mike Evans

"A reliable JV Partner that goes the extra mile for you"

Thea Westra

"A valuable and trusted JV partner in the PD space"

Joel Chue

"An admirable friend and JV partner that has the most brilliant marketing ideas"

Geoff Wilkins

"A highly successful and supportive JV Partner that charts new frontiers"

Top 10 leads prizes

28th June - 4th July 2016

1st prize - $3,000

2nd prize - $1,200

3rd prize - $500

4th prize - $200

5th prize - $100

TOP 10 sales prizes

5th July - 11th July 2016

1st prize - $800

2nd prize - $350

3rd prize - $200

4th prize - $150

5th prize - $100

6th - 10th prize - $50

CONtact / get in touch

Stuck? We’re here to assist you at every step of the way and we’d definitely go out of our way to make this a win-win-win for everyone, including your subscribers and customers. Please feel free to reach out to us and we’d typically respond within 48 hours.


Skype: eeesirbell


JV / Affiliate Manager