LOA EXPOSED! Stop Taking in the BS and Fluff that others tell you about LOA. This is the Real DEAL!

Hi, my name is Laura King and in the next 6 minutes, I’m going to share with you the shocking secret whispered to me by an 83 year old man while laying on his death bed in hospital...

And how this simple secret became the “missing ingredient” to the Law Of Attraction that finally unlocked its true power and literally turned my life around.

This is the inspirational true story of how I went from struggling to pay the bills, dreading going to work everyday, feeling lost, helpless and stuck, to living the life of success, wealth and abundance.

I know it may sound impossible but the “missing key” I’m going to reveal right now will genuinely help you attract the life you’ve always wanted.

I call it my ‘secret’ behind ‘The Secret’ and it is the critical link to explain why the Law of Attraction hasn’t worked for you yet.

If you’re like most people, then you’ve wondered why you are unable to attract the kind of success promised in the teachings out there on manifestation. You may have even practiced dutifully, but achieved little success or worse, none at all! Hundreds of thousands of people are asking the same question:

"What Went Wrong?"

They did not realize that not all the teachings out there on manifestation are complete, and only a small part of the whole truth is shared. As a result, they rejected the Law of Attraction, and the initial fiery optimism of the Law was quickly replaced with disillusion.

Don’t worry, what I’m about to share with you has got nothing to do with:

- Positive or wishful thinking
- Chanting affirmations
- Or other so-called exercises that simply don’t work.

If you’ve already spent good money on self-help books, audios and courses that failed to work for you… or if you’ve tried applying the Law Of Attraction but nothing happened, then keep reading. Why?

Because you’re about to discover the simple secrets ‘they’ don’t want you to know about

Who are ‘they’? I’m talking about the phony and even unethical ‘self-help’ gurus who are in the business of making money and not actually helping people improve their lives.

Look at it this way… If all of the teachings on manifestation really worked, then how come you and everyone else who tries them are still…

-Stuck in dead end jobs they hate
-Struggling to pay the bills
-Feeling lost and deeply unsatisfied
-Unhappy in their relationships

Here’s the honest truth…

Many gurus don’t actually want you to be happy, successful and fulfilled. Why? Because it’s bad for business. If you’re suddenly successful, then you’ll stop seeking their help and buying their expensive courses, DVD’s and seminar programs.

That’s why most of the teachings on manifestation, attraction and abundance have been purposefully left incomplete. That’s how some of these unethical ‘gurus’ keep you on the consumer treadmill of buying their overpriced courses and seminars.

Well I’m here to put a STOP to all of that today.

I too, struggled for years trying every self-help program and teaching, only to get nowhere.

I was one of them, and up until I discovered the precise key that unlocked the power behind FULL manifestation, only then, the Law of the Attraction worked for me…It was a simple yet miraculous shift and I will show you exactly how to make it work for you too

Once you apply the key, you can finally create the life you’ve always dreamed of!

No more struggles, and you can leave every trace of frustration, helplessness and skepticism behind.

You now have a chance to ­­­discover a key that will genuinely help you live the life you want.

Now...just IMAGINE...

Finally possessing the essential key successful people know about that you don’t, a key that enables them to amass tremendous amounts of wealth and live healthy, happily, and worry-free lives.

How would you like to fire your boss, leave your 9-5 job forever and still make more money in a month than you used to make all year?

Or walking into any car dealer, choosing your dream car and driving off with the ownership papers signed.

How about being debt-free and having the ability to step into any house and buy it right away knowing you can easily afford it?

When you come to grips with this critical key today, you will discover the “supercharger source” for dramatically accelerating the achievement of any goal; instead of taking weeks, months or even years!

The key captures the essence of universal principles in a way that makes manifesting abundance simple and effortless.

Although it might sound impossible, I want you to know that this key absolutely works! I am a living proof that it does. It has already worked for me and for many who had the privilege to discover this secret key.

It is ONE single, super-powerful secret to
manifesting anything you want in life...

If life isn’t working for you right now and things haven’t turned out the way you want them to be, you are not alone.

The truth is, even though many experts out there have shared the wonders of the universe and countless books and courses were created revolving around the Law of Attraction, the actual key to successful manifesting is almost never mentioned.

Yet when I stumbled upon the missing key, I finally tapped into the powerful source of abundance and I was able to create astounding results in my life.

If this is true for you, stop whatever you’re doing now - read this carefully and prepare yourself for some truly priceless insights.

First, you must understand one fundamental truth.

Abundance is your birthright.

Yes, you heard me, Abundance is your birthright and those who live life “large” understand this. That is not your fault as we have been conditioned to believe that there is not enough to go around!

There’s a story that goes like this:

Two men went down to the ocean, one with a teaspoon, the other with a bucket, each taking the amount of water he chooses. The ocean, however, doesn’t care.

The ocean, however, doesn’t care if you were to come down with a teaspoon or bucket. It is an unlimited source.

The ocean represents the source of abundance. It doesn’t matter whether you ask for a little or a lot. Your “withdrawal” neither lessens anyone else’s opportunities nor do they diminish the total amount of available abundance. It is unlimited!

And the only limits on “your share” are the limits set by YOU.

So realize this: Abundance is your birthright and there’s more than enough to go around. However, few know how to tap into the unlimited source of abundance or how to access it at will.

The main reason why I openly share this key is to give everyone an opportunity to possess this critical piece of information that is often missing, but absolutely necessary for successful manifestation with the Law of Attraction.

And make no mistake about it: The Law of Attraction absolutely works, especially with this missing key that you will find in The Awakened Source.

Countless coincidences and manifestations have occurred since awakening the source that I simply can’t list them all.

Imagine being able to leave your dead-end job, breaking free from the endless financial struggle of having to scrape by with barely enough to repay your bills and debts.

Finally, regaining the confidence to build the life you want, and live life on your own terms.

Let me make one thing crystal clear.

Before chancing upon the missing key, I was a natural skeptic and would not put my faith in anything without concrete proof.

But as my list of occurrences increased, I could no longer deny the truth. Stumbling on this key was the start of claiming back my abundance birthright.

Today I am sharing this message to pay it forward. And let me tell you, it is no accident that you are reading this right now.

I want to give you the SAME key that made all the difference for me.

But first, allow me to share something about myself and why this particular key works seamlessly, for those who choose to use it.

Here is my unusual true story…

When I was a child, my father was a paramedic.

I was truly inspired by the way he helped people in our community.

He became the springboard that sent me into the field of nursing and I chose this profession because I always wanted to be part of a something where I could...

"Make a Difference."

It’s not every day that people appreciate how truly demanding the job of being a nurse is.

To tell you the truth, it’s hard working as a nurse. The 12-hour shifts are usually 14-hour shifts, and the work that we do as nurses is physically and emotionally demanding, draining every last ounce of energy.

Though it was challenging with the long and odd hours, I loved my work as I enjoy taking care of people and going the extra mile for them.

One day, life took an unexpected turn.

8 years ago. I was in serious trouble. Credit card trouble to be exact. $47,237 worth of debt.

How did I amass such a mountain of debt?

My husband suffered a stroke and was unable to work as he was partially disabled.

Going from a two income household to a one income household was a huge blow for me, especially with two kids and rising hospital bills for my husband’s treatment.

I knew I had to continue to pay our home mortgage and car instalments, so I put everything else on credit.

Credit cards became our only means of paying the grocery, utilities and other bills. I kept using the cards even though I knew I couldn’t keep up with all the payments. There was no other way out.

I had to hold this family together.

Oh, and the guilt I felt about yelling at my kids for making me late for work.

The laundry and dishes piling up, the unpaid bills, and the healthy dinners that were often replaced by something fast and cheap.

I was totally overwhelmed, exhausted, and felt like I just wasn't good enough...at anything.

You can imagine, all of these were putting a lot of stress on my finances as well as my relationships.

My relationship with my kids became strained as I worked long hours in the hospital and was unable to see them as much as I would have liked to.

Once my younger daughter said to me: “Mom, I don't recognize you anymore.", when I picked her up from school on a Friday evening before Thanksgiving.

That broke my heart.

Negative thinking was a slippery slope and I didn’t realize how slippery it was until one fateful day,

The bombshell DROPPED on me

I had maxed out all of my credit cards.

The companies persistently rang my phone.

I would lay awake crying.

My family was suffering, my work was suffering, and most of all, I was suffering.

I was worn-out and completely desperate.

I needed help, yet I was too embarrassed to reach out for help.

In the depths of despair, I cracked open a book given to me by a friend last Christmas.

It was a well-known book about the Law of Attraction and how to go about manifesting abundance.

She was completely sold to the Law as it had worked for her when she was going through a rough patch at work.

This book had been sitting on my bookshelf for the longest time because I was always too busy to read it.

Yet with more than a decade of experience working in the hospital, I had built my belief that “yes, there are miracles in life", and deep down, a part of me believed a miracle could happen to me too.

“Why not give this book a shot?” I mean, what more did I have to lose?

"I stayed up late, reading it from cover to cover. "

By the end of the book, I was truly inspired as it gave me hope that I DO have the power to turn things around for the better.

I followed the instructions exactly, and devoured every single word with utmost importance.

A month went by.

Then two months

I continued to practice the suggested exercises daily, yet nothing happened.

Three months went by and there wasn’t any “beautiful, loving, abundant life” that was manifested.

Just more bills, more debt and more frustration.

I soon gave up and criticized myself for wasting time on wishful thinking fluff.

“What now?” I thought.

No more savings to pay off my huge credit card debts or my late mortgage payments.

My family would soon face the doom of losing our precious home!

I was disorientated, nerve-wrecked and completely lost

Then came December 24th.

I was scheduled to work the night-shift. It was an unusually quiet night.

Everyone was quiet except for the nurses who were standing around grumbling about having to work on Christmas Eve.

I didn’t mind at all as the extra money would certainly help with my dire situation. I reported for duty and was informed I would be assigned to the emergency unit as they were short-staffed.

I headed down the long and quiet corridor towards the ward. Lying helplessly on a gurney in the emergency area was a gentleman who looked like he was in his eighties.

HHe was smartly dressed in a grey tweed suit, white shirt and a bow tie. His eyes were dark green and staring straight into my eyes.

"Hello, Mr. Godfrey", I greeted, "My name is Laura and I will be your nurse today. I'm going to take really good care of you. It seems like you had a little accident this morning."

He was out for his morning walk when he collapsed on his front porch. As I undressed my patient and prepared him for his hospital stay, his green eyes were intense and watching my every move.

They were kind, focused and trusting.

"Mr. Godfrey, I’m going to give you a little sponge bath."

"Thank you, my dear and do call me Paul. It’s unfortunate to spend Christmas eve here ."

Before I could say a word to comfort him, Paul continued, "Well, at least, we are not alone. You do look like you need a little Christmas cheer yourself too."

And he gave me a wink

I forced a smile, and bit my lips to stop myself from crying.

He reached for my hand and gave it a tight squeeze. "Love, it is gonna be alright. Trust me."

Those were the kindest words spoken to me since my plight.

It was as if Paul could see through the strong façade I was putting up all these time.

My heart pounded and my eyes filled with tears.

All I needed at the moment was to release the stress, tension, frustration, and exhaustion that was bottled up inside of me.

That was the beginning of my friendship with Mr. Paul Godfrey and he reminded me of my loving grandpa.

There was a shared sense of familiarity and ease that made me feel instantly connected to him.

The next day, I went to check on him with some Christmas fruitcake. He beckoned me to his side.

"Hello dear, that’s very sweet of you!"

Even though it was the second time we spoke, I felt like I knew Paul for a very long time.

As we talked, I came to realize that Paul was the multi-millionaire who had just donated to rebuild the children's department in my hospital and pioneered research on treatments for kids with cancer and other life-threatening diseases!

I was in awe at his generosity as it was known to the staff that the hospital had difficulty funding this project and was about to close it down. It was only made possible because of the huge donation from Paul.

TThe afternoon went by pretty quickly as we chatted away like old friends, laughing and sharing.

In fact, I was relieved to take a breather from my overwhelming plight and truly grateful for this wonderful conversation.

Soon it was time to go.

"Sweet Laura, I know that it’s not my position to ask about this…but why the breakdown yesterday? Someone as lovely as you deserve more kindness. Could you shed some light on this to a curious old man?”, he asked softly.

"I was startled, and my eyes started to well with tears again. "

I caved in and told him about my situation and how I was at my wits' end and desperate enough to try out the manifestation ‘hocus pocus a try’..

“…and you know what, it’s all BS. I’ve tried it – it doesn’t even work!” I continued, blushing.

At that moment, it was as if a switch was flipped. Paul looked at me puzzled.

"It didn’t work for you? Tell me, what did you do."

I related my process to him and he listened intently.

When I was done, he took my hand and spoke in a low voice, almost whispering: "Laura, it will surely work…"

He let out a deep sigh and continued.

"I am a dying man and I have little time left. My last wish is to pass on this missing secret to someone and not let it bury with me...

Thank you for being such a darling and I believe you are the chosen one to receive this secret and continue its legacy.

This was precisely the secret that made me so successful.

It will surely work. You are just going about it wrong."

After his enlightening revelation, I finally realized what I had been doing wrong and how to make it right! Paul was able to point out exactly why I failed despite many attempts.

Most importantly, he instructed me the one simple thing I needed to do immediately to make everything start working for me the way I wanted.

And honestly, it was so easy that I knew intuitively that it could work.

Life can change in an instant.
Sometimes it just takes a very long while for that instant to arrive...

What Paul shared was a simple change that anyone is capable of making, yet a significant one that was pivotal to change everything for me.

This missing key held me back from the powers of manifesting!

The answer was within me all the while.

It is something I now call “Harmonic Flowing”.

The MISSING connection to tapping into your source of Abundance

"Harmonic Flowing" is the missing connection to tapping into your source of Abundance.

It is probably the most important key to make the Law of Attraction work for you. It’s a simple change that no one else has ever revealed.

And when you know how to use it, you can affect everything in life.

By harnessing the power of this law, you can finally be empowered and look for the reality that matches your thoughts, and begin to notice the opportunities that can lead you to live the life you desire.

Very few had discovered this secret before

That was exactly why the manifestation fluff had never worked for me no matter how hard I tried.

“Harmonic Flowing” is the only way to connect us to our birthright and tap into our greatest source of abundance.

I couldn’t hold my excitement to put the simple secret into practice.

The next day Paul was discharged. It was a moment of mixed feelings for me: Happy he was well enough to leave the hospital yet sad we had to part so quickly.

I thanked him again and gave him a peck on the cheek.

He smiled shyly and whispered, "Bless you, my child. All the best with the missing key."

And he carefully made his way to the limousine where his chauffeur was waiting patiently for him.

I was committed to practicing Harmonic Flowing on a daily basis. This gave me the courage and confidence to do what I never believed was previously possible.

Then, the magic began.

I started to see changes happening in my life.

Within 2 weeks, my husband who had suffered from partial disability for about 2 years began to recover.

When the doctor heard about it, he was in disbelief and explained this could only happen to 1 in 5,000 people.

We were overjoyed and I knew secretly it was only possible because of the Harmonic Flowing principle.

I felt an extraordinary oneness with the Source knowing that I had intentionally activated the process and I was in full control of the steering wheel through this awakening process with the Source.

What was so exciting was I knew deep inside if it worked once, it would work again, and again, all the time.

During the first month, I was promoted. Bringing an increased paycheck that helped me tremendously with the expenses at home.

Things were looking up. I felt an immediate ease and lightness, as though a hundred-tonne of weight had been lifted off my heart. I felt more alive and happier than ever before...

My newfound bliss opened the door for new relationships, which have blessed me with financial prosperity and abundance. My colleagues and friends began to notice that something was different about me. Some finally broke the ice and asked me.

"What’s happened to you Laura?"

“What are you doing to receive these great fortunes?"

So I told my friends about the missing secret Paul had shared with me.

And words started to spread like wildfire. Soon, calls and emails began pouring in to request help and support from me, asking to share my story.

Then one day, an anonymous check of 50 thousand dollars was sent to me.

I was very confused and shocked and called the bank immediately to inquire. It was then that I found out that it was a parting gift from Mr. Godfrey. He had passed on and had left this amount in my name.

Not only had he passed me his abundance secret, he was my saviour as that check would be sufficient to clear my debt.

I grieved for the loss of such a wonderful man and I was really grateful to him for his love and generosity and for making a tremendous impact on my life.

I kept my promise to Paul and continued the legacy by sharing this gift with my friends and colleagues.

Today, I’ve gone from a five-figure debt to a
six-figure wealth

I’m proudest of the fact that I could continue my childhood dream of "making a difference” to the world and generate lasting results for hundreds and thousands of people and allows them to create their desired lives.

I have retired and for the past 7 years, I’ve been a leader in the personal development space that has transformed the lives of literally thousands of ordinary individuals, just like you.

I now feel that it’s my life’s mission to help as many people transform their lives as possible…

It brings a huge smile to my face when I open my computer and see the countless thank you messages flooding into my inbox to share wonderful news like job promotions, pay raises, rekindled relationships, revived marriages, exciting opportunities and job offers.

Yet, I know that many people out there are still struggling

and find it impossible to make the Law of Attraction work for them.

The heart of the issue of why the Law of Attraction is not working is because it’s missing one vitally important key…

However, once you discover and put this key in place, it literally unlocks the door to abundance and everything you’ve ever wanted is waiting on the other side of that door.

OK Laura, this all sounds great, but how does Harmonic Flowing actually work, and how can I use it to create the dream life I’ve always wanted?

That’s a great question. Let me explain how you too, can use Harmonic Flowing to tap into the incredible source of abundance and

Force the universe to give you everything you’ve always wanted.

The first thing you need to realise is that Harmonic Flowing can be used by anyone… no matter where you are, what’s happened in your past, or what you hope for your future.

Harmonic Flowing can literally give you the results you want IF once you understand how to use it.

But without the right guidance and instructions, most people fail to truly understand how to harness the incredible power of abundance, and end up feeling more frustrated and depressed.

But, don’t worry. I’ve literally helped thousands of ordinary people get exactly what they want in life by showing them Harmonic Flowing can be as easy as riding a bicycle.

And today, I’d like to show you too. I’d like to download everything I know about “Harmonic Flowing” into your head and teach you everything I know about using it to get the results you want without hard work.

I want to introduce you to an easy to follow program that contains simple, step-by-step instructions on how to activate Harmonic Flowing effortlessly in your life.

I call it ‘The Awakened Source’ program. It has been designed to get life-changing results for anyone willing to follow it’s simple blueprint and put it into practice. All you need to do is follow the instructions and watch as your life changes, almost on auto-pilot.

I can guarantee you, that if you follow these simple instructions you will virtually be tapping into more than just wealth and success, even unlocking the doors to peace, happiness and fulfilment!

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Because you’re still reading this and have made it this far, that shows me you’re unlike most people on this planet. I can see that you’re someone who is serious about living your best life.

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After all, many of the results they personally experienced from putting the program into practice were worth so much more…

However, my mission is to make this incredible program available to as many people as possible…

Ever since the passing of Paul, my life mission is to
inspire and impact 1 million individuals

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With The Awakened Source, you no longer
have to leave your life to chance

The Awakened Source is a unique program to equip you through 3 crucial steps that have been fine-tuned over the years to activate Harmonic Flowing to create spectacular results in every area of your life…effortlessly!

The Awakened Source is comprehensive and dives right into the core of what is essential to get you started and create REAL life results, quickly and easily.

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Who knows, maybe I'd still be struggling with my debt and the fate of being kicked out of my own home with 2 children and a disabled husband.

And I know certainly, that without the ‘missing secret’ that Paul shared, my life would continue to be filled with pain, struggle and worry…

Sure, you could try to figure out all of this on your own… and waste years of your life on trial and error, and still end up just as frustrated, stressed and disillusioned as when you first started.

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You’ll find yourself in a bubble of nourishing love wherever you go. The people around you will feel your love as you have nothing to hide, nothing to prove and nothing to defend.

3. Fulfilling relationships

You’ll find yourself in a bubble of nourishing love wherever you go. The people around you will feel your love as you have nothing to hide, nothing to prove and nothing to defend.

4. Inner peace & a sense of calm

You’ll find yourself in a bubble of nourishing love wherever you go. The people around you will feel your love as you have nothing to hide, nothing to prove and nothing to defend.

5. Achieve lasting happiness

You’ll find yourself in a bubble of nourishing love wherever you go. The people around you will feel your love as you have nothing to hide, nothing to prove and nothing to defend.

6. Unlimited wealth & success

You’ll find yourself in a bubble of nourishing love wherever you go. The people around you will feel your love as you have nothing to hide, nothing to prove and nothing to defend.

If you are still hesitating, from the way I see it now, you have three simple choices:

Your first option is to do nothing. And we all know doing nothing is the worst option. Because, well, if you do nothing, then nothing is going to change, right? Tomorrow will be just a repeat of today. The only thing that’ll be different is that you’ll always be wondering ‘what if’... What if you had just tried instead of procrastinating?

Your second option is to do research on your own time and effort. You'll soon discover there are many phony experts selling programs that DON’T actually work or are incomplete. But seriously, how long are you prepared to wait for things to happen for you? Months? Years? Decades?

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If you’re still reading this, you are probably half convinced but still have some qualms and doubts at the back of your mind. Don’t worry… I’ve heard them all before so I’ve prepared a series of Frequently Asked Questions and I’m more than ready to answer them now.

Frequently Asked Questions About
The Awakened Source

To date, the overwhelming responses to The Awakened Source had been positive and astounding.

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To your awakening,
Laura King
Founder, The Awakened Source